ASTM Corp. was established in 2012, a company who's goal is to supply products from Roofing, Decking, foundation fasteners, interior and exterior light structural materials to local SMB (Small and Medium business) and Contractors with an affordable price.

PPR pipes and fittings
Certified by:  ISO, CNAS, CE and CMA

Hi Tensile Anchor bolt, Anchor Stud, Sagrod.
with Mechanical and Chemical Mill Certificate

Our products are as follow;
  • Roofing panels and bended accessories
  • Steel Decking (Width type)
  • PPR pipes and Fittings (Hot and Cold)
  • Strut Channels and Strut Clamps
  • Loop Hanger and Clevis Hanger
  • Light steel framing (Ceiling and Walls)
  • Bolt, Nut, Washer and Screws (A307, A325 & 2H)
  • Sagrod, Anchors and Full thread rod
  • Base, M.S. and Stiffener plate
  • Insulation 2B/2F (Bubble) Pure Aluminum w/ R-19
  • Formworks and Accessories


Strut channel and clamp
Posted : June 28, 2020

Strut channel and clamp, is the new items which has been included recently in pr...

Posted : June 14, 2023