ASTM Corporation was established in 2012 with wide range of products to suite your needs. Products includes Bolt, Nut, Screws, metal stamping for Industrials, Constructions, Shipping, and Machinery requirements. In 2014 Our Company have expanded its products into ROOFING PRODUCTS, INSULATION and FURRING CHANNELS for Residentials, Offices, Buildings and Warehouses. 
We offer wide range of materials including PPGI, GI COILS, ROUND BAR A307, Grade 5, Grade 8.8, A325, 2H, Stainless S304 and S316 are also available.

Our company engages in the following products and services: 
  1. Roofing Prepainted Panels
    • Rib type panels
    • Wave type panels 
  2. Bended Accessories (Ridge roll, Flashing & Gutters).
  3. Furring channel and Studs (Ceiling and Wall partition) 
    • Double Furring
    • Carrying channel
    • Track & Stud
    • Wall angle
    • Accessories: W-Clip, J Hanger, Blind Rivets
  4. G.I. WIRE #16
  5. Swivel / Fixed Clamp and Scaffolding Accessories
  6. Threaded Rod, Sagrod and Tie Rod
  7. Insulation Bubble type (R Value 17 & 19)
  8. G.I. Pipes 1-1/2" & 2"
  9. Screws (Hardiflex, Gypsum, Tekscrew & etc...)
  10. Bolt (J bolt, Hook bolt, Anchor bolt & etc...)
  11. Nut (Wing nut, Hex nut, Lock nut & etc..)
  12. Loop & Clevis Hanger
  13. Expansion bolts and shields
  14. MS Plates
  15. Hardware products.


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